Industrial Automation

Red Lion’s industrial automation and control products collect, present and process data – anywhere, anytime. From process control to HMIs and panel meters, a sampling of our automation products follow:


A broad line of PID controllers, signal conditioners and data acquisition devices for machine and process control.

Protocol Conversion

The Data Station Plus uses Red Lion’s protocol library to connect otherwise incompatible devices on wired or wireless networks.

HMI Operator Interfaces

Seamlessly combines protocol conversion, data logging and web server capabilities with visualization functionality for PLCs, motor drives and other communications-capable devices.

Panel Meters
The CUB and PAX meters offer reliable and flexible solutions in a wide range of models and sizes. Expansion capabilities easily adapt to changing requirements.
Visual Management
The ProducTVity Station is a ready-to-deploy visual management system that displays real-time KPI data and Andon messages on large televisions to drive productivity.
RTUs & I/O Modules
VersaTRAK and SixTRAK RTUs work with EtherTRAK-2 I/O to provide a simple yet powerful monitoring and control system for remote sites.
Visit the Red Lion and Sixnet websites or contact us to learn more about our industrial automation solutions.