Industrial Networking

Red Lion is building a new industrial networking portfolio of industrial Ethernet and cellular M2M products to provide world-class networking – anywhere, anytime. While we merge our N-Tron and Sixnet brands, a sampling of our current products follow:
Unmanaged Switches
Compact IEEE 802.3 Layer 2 industrial switches with automatic speed, duplex and cable sensing for use in mission-critical applications.
Monitored Switches
Layer 2 unmanaged industrial switches provide network performance monitoring via N-View software.
Managed Switches
Layer 2 & Layer 3 Ethernet switches provide enterprise-class networking in a rugged package to support extreme industrial environments.
PoE Switches
The industrial Power over Ethernet (PoE) line of switches, injectors and splitters are designed to transmit power and/or data over an Ethernet network.
Wi-Fi Radios
IEEE802.11a,b,g,n hardened Wi-Fi radios support data bandwidths up to 300 Mb/s..
Cellular M2M Routers
IndustrialPro, MobilityPro and RAM routers reliably provide uninterrupted, secure communication for remote sites.
Visit the N-Tron and Sixnet websites or contact us to learn more about our industrial networking solutions.